This is a collection of brief based projects.


It showcases a mixture of design thinking solutions and graphic execution skills.

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List of Design projects 


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Bold Publication


"Every person has their own story to tell" I am honored to be able to illustrate and take part in this publication, BOLD, a new series highlighting the journeys and achievements of Temasek Polytechnic's entrepreneurs, one trailblazer at a time.




Asean Submit 2018


For Asean Summit 2018, Temasek Polytechnic received a commission to design artworks for the asean day reception. A team of 5 illustration students were chosen to design an artwork to be displayed. We went through 2 presentation and mock ups for it. 

Honoured to be able to invited and to participate in this great clause. One of my works are being exhibited in this event. Special thanks to MFA, Temasek Polytechnic. 






Motion Graphics: AirCraft Safety Briefing

Client Work

Music belongs to Music Vox, Graphics and animation Production belongs to me.

All rights served

Animated using:

Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator


Makan Tales

Taking the good with the bad

Story/ illustration by Teo Wenn Ki

Being the little sister of the Hawker Centre

tenant, the child was told to not get close to the

furry friend near the Hawker. This is because it

will lure the cat into the Hawker and cause

trouble. Despite that, she crossed over the

border to help her furry friend…




3D Pop-Out


By using "The journey of a Hero" , I illustrate out my design journey accordingly with:

Passion - Call to Adventure

Explore - Mentor / Initiation 

Breakthrough - Transformation 

Creation - Atonement




SP 1

School Studio project 1: 

Once Upon A Pulau Ubin.


I want the children to learn more about the nature and animals in

Pulau Ubin by interacting with an e-book of Pulau Ubin’s folk tale.


Target Audience:

Children, Generation Z





Print promotional items: Pop-up brochures


- E-book

The e-book will have a few animations with slow paced narration for the kids to 

understand and learn.

There will be songs sung by the Song bird in the story as they read along.

By learning about this folktale, the child might want to visit the frog by visiting 

Pulau Ubin and even learning about the different plants and animal.

It is also interactive; the children can click on the animals or plants to

understand them better.


- Micro-site

- Print promotional items: Pop-up brochures





School tactile project is based on a designer, Stefan Sagmeister. I took my own approach and recorded my progress and development a booklet down below.

The construction of the model is done by me. 




In order to best communicate the tone and information of the 3 Singapore museum;

 Singapore Peranakan Museum 

 Singapore Philatelic Museum

 Singapore coins and notes museum 


I have experimented with the different materials and layout to best give the organic and historical vibe of each museum.


- A short narrative novel from a Peranakan's first preceptive.

 A play of papers bounded by an eyelet. 

- A stamp album with a booklet on the history of stamps.

  A mixture of tracing paper and 90gsm organic paper with old aged cardboards.

An accordion fold brochure regarding the history of coins and notes.

  A Five-Panel Accordion fold with unique front and back design.




A practice cat pencil box holder

© 2018 Sketchy Kiki

Singapore Design Student 

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