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About me

I'm Kiki, 1998. Loves cats.



Cats, Timber and Exhibitions


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This shows my whole experience as an Illustrator.

Aug 2018: Asean Summit 2018 

Sep 2018: Bold Publication

Nov 2015: Textbook Illustration 
Mar 2017: Designer Assistant At DezainPrint

Oct 2017: Food Tale Exhibition

Aug 2017: National Day Banner

Asean Summit 2018 Exhibition

August 11, 2017

For Asean Summit 2018, Temasek Polytechnic received a commission to design artworks for the asean day reception. A team of 5 illustration students were chosen to design an artwork to be displayed. We went through 2 presentation and mock ups for it. Honoured to be able to invited and to participate in this great clause. One of my works are being exhibited in this event. Special thanks to MFA, Temasek Polytechnic.

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This shows all the awards I received.

Oct 2018: Oribel Scholarship
Oct 2017: Director's Award

Aug 2017: Certificate of Academic Achievement
Oct 2014: Excellence Award

April 2014: Academic Excellence Award

May 2013: Excellence Award

2013: EduSave Good Progress Award

Aug 2012: Academic Excellence Award


Oribel Scholarship



"In recognition of your excellent academic performance, you have been awarded the Oribel scholarship for AY2018/2019. 

Daniel Yeow 
Senior Director and Registrar"

Director's Award



Communication Design

"For the passion and tenacity 
For the drive to Excel in design
For making it to the Director's List 

Lim Chong Jin 
Director of Temasek Polytechnic

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