Work En Tails


Work en Tails atelier is a circle of locally awarded artists that have worked in collaborations with different organizations. The merchandises of our circle comprise of creative designs and fan arts in unique styles.



May 2018: Doujima

May 2017: Doujima

June 2016: Funan Exhibition


Work En Tails was founded in 2016 by @Kouhai_kido(Teo Wenn Ki).

Most of the members are classmates and from art circles. 





apology sales

50% OFF
*selected items*

Work en Tails will not be participating in Doujima 2019. As an apology, here is a 50% off!

Shipping fee still applies
Overseas delivery - 2 - 5 SGD
                                   depending where you are. 
Local delivery - 1 SGD

Email me for Ordering :

Payment by : PayLah(local), Paypal, Bank Transfer

Vaild till 1st Oct 2019

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